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Future M.D. – The Medblog

Future M.D. (“The site”) was created in 2012 as a medical blog (“medblog”) for future physicians. The site ran continuously from February 2012 to August 2014 until it was put on hiatus.

During the hiatus, Future M.D. switched hosting providers from Surpass Hosting to GoDaddy and in the process all of the posts were lost. Some posts were recovered by old Future M.D. RSS feeds, emails, and cached pages. Many websites linked to old Future M.D. posts will have broken links because of the loss.

The site reopened on February 16, 2015 and has resumed its goal to provide free tips and resources for pre-medical, post-baccalaureate, and medical students regarding medical school admissions, basic sciences, clinical skills, extracurriculars, MCAT and USMLE test prep, etc.

The Editor

The editor and creator of Future M.D. – The Medical Blog. She is from Maryland and graduated from The University of Maryland – College Park with a degree in anthropology with specialization in biological & medical anthropology. Currently, she is a student at a medical school in the Midwest and aspires to become an orthopaedic surgeon.

She created Future M.D. as an opportunity to write about medical school admissions, academic medicine, and current events in medicine. If you would like to contact Mel, please email her at hello@afuturemd.com.

About Future M.D.

Future M.D. is a medblog for future physicians established in 2012. The blog is designed and edited by The Future M.D., a student at a medical school in the Midwest. Read More?

Contact Me: hello@afuturemd.com

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